How to Open Applications With Root Privileges on a Mac

Editing a protected configuration file is restricted by default so it is necessary to open applications with root privileges. In order to do that, we need to open “Terminal” and open applications using sudo command.

1. Open Terminal.

Shortcuts to open Terminal using:

Command + Space Bar then type "Terminal"
Command + Shift + U and Open "Terminal"

2. Open Finder

-Click Applications on the left.

3. Find the Applications you want to access with root privilege.

-Right click on the Applications and click "Show Package Contents"
-Open Contents >> MacOS >> Here you can find the original Unix executable files for your applications.

4. Now go back to Terminal.

- Type "sudo"
- Now drag the applications in the Terminal.

It should look something like this:

7. Press Enter.

– Provide the administrator password if necessary.

8. You’re Done!